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Swim Sweat Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits Review

Afraid to get in the water?  Think you’re going to ruin your swimsuit?  Fear not, chlorine resistant swimsuits are here!  Swim enthusiasts and water lovers, this is a two-part review; Swim and Sweat‘s sweat, chlorine resistant swimsuits and their cleansing product, Suit Saver. These products work in tandem to preserve the life of swimwear, a welcome idea for those who engage in activities in chlorinated water.  With this dual, one no longer needs to sit …

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Freestyle stroke

Swimming Terms Dictionary

Swimmers have a language  all their own. It can be a bit confusing for those who are just starting out. Please find some of the terms, phrases, words used in the swimming world and their definitions. Examples are given to each with a Click Here link. Back Stroke is accomplished with the swimmer lying face up in the water. Swimmer does a Flutter Kick just below the surface of the water while alternating arms in …

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Swim Compression suits

Swim Compression Wear – Benefits Are Not Obvious

What is Swim Compression Wear? If you’ve never heard of it, Swim Compression Wear is an assortment of form-fitting articles of clothing that purport to enhance an athlete’s workout performance, including their warm-up and recovery time. Some specific attributes of wearing these garments include, but are not limited to, stabilizing joints, wicking sweat from the body (prevents chafing, rashes), relieving muscle and joint pain from stiffness and soreness, and preventing muscle strain by keeping them …

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Fevers After Swimming – What Causes Them?

Complaints of getting a fever after swimming can be dramatic and confusing. Exiting a pool in shivers, is not at all what one expects. Firstly, there may be many reasons for this occurrence and pinpointing exactly to what degree one has a fever and why one has a fever is crucial. In cases of high fevers, with temperatures reaching 103 F (39.4 C) or greater, consult your physician immediately! And, even though, there are many …

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Vasa Trainer Pro Review – Can it Increase Swim Speed?

Vasa Trainer Pro & Swim Training Bench Product Description If an exercise machine can help with increasing swimming speed and endurance, wouldn’t it be worth a try? We sure think so here at Swimfolk! The Vasa Trainer Pro is an exercise machine that is specific in targeting muscular strength, balancing, coordination and core power, together with increasing speed and endurance. It works by using one’s own body weight for resistance, making it ideal for safely …

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Swimming Exercises For Back Pain

Swimming provides a perfect environment for low-impact conditioning while supporting the body weight. This is wonderful for anyone who suffers from back pain. However, although swimming seems like an ideal remedy for this ailment, some swim strokes are better than others in order to strengthen the muscles and relieve pressure on the spine. When it comes to back and spine issues, range of motion has to be considered in doing any physical activity. If the …

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Floating in Water Techniques

One of the most asked questions in swimming is, “Why can’t I float in water?”  And, obtaining the answer can seem like a confusing mystery, especially when some people just jump in water and tread without moving a muscle. While others splash about, arms and legs moving rapidly, just to keep their heads above water. Then, we find out that much of this is due to the differences in our physiology. How annoying to think …

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My Favorite Things – Underwater Gadgets!

“These are a few of my favorite things…” Oh, the joy of the holidays or any day for that matter. What’s great about the past year is how far we’ve come with gadgets that actually accommodate swimmers. Technology has come to swimming in a big way! Who knew that there was a way to help swimmers tell time underwater or record their laps underwater, or how about listening to their favorite tunes – underwater? It’s …

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Swimming Freestyle Breathing – Stop Struggling with this Today!

Beginner and Intermediate swimmers can be challenged and even frustrated when learning the breathing technique for the freestyle stroke. For one, the head is submerged in the water for at least 1-3 seconds on a stroke. This can lead some swimmers to take in water and choke. Others may hyperventilate and panic. While still others may compromise their swimming posture and begin to sink. None of these scenarios are ideal. The truth is, without proper …

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Swimming Strengthens Every Muscle – True or False?

So, you decided to start swimming because you wanted to look like this. But, you ended up looking like this. What’s wrong with this picture? Yes, swimming does work practically every muscle in the body, but not all muscles are being developed with the same degree of intensity at the same time. Generally speaking, if strokes are executed with precision, swimmers can strengthen their upper/lower back, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, triceps, abs, obliques, hip flexors, legs, …

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Eating Before Going Swimming – Healthy Nutrition Matters

Workout Eating Philosophy Eating before, during and after a workout is the prevailing wisdom of the day in order to maintain a healthy body. The foods we eat convert to energy to keep our bodies functioning. The simple science is that what we consume gets broken down into three categories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. By chewing our food we allow our digestive system to conduct a process that reduces food into molecules (glycogen). During this …

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Olympic Nation Swimming Goggles – Review

Product description Has panoramic lenses, for crystal clear viewing Seals are made of a soft silicone that is comfortable; a perfect double-seal design, for leak free swimming. Has Anti-Fog Coating that stops the lenses from becoming steamy while swimming. Made for all ages. The strap is easy to adjust between sizes and the quick release clasp on the back means you can fit them in seconds without getting them tangled in your hair. Handy plastic carry case. …

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What Exactly is Swimmers Ear?

What exactly is swimmer’s ear? According to the Merriam Webster’s definition, it is an inflammation of the outer ear canal that is characterized by itching, redness, swelling, pain, and discharge that typically occurs when water gets trapped in the outer ear during swimming and becomes infected with a bacterium. After a swim, water can settle in the outer ear canal, the ear part that leads to the inner ear, and get blocked in there by …

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