Garmin vívoactive Black review

Garmin Vívoactive Black Review

Swimfolk would love to concentrate this Garmin Vvoactive Black Review on the swimming application included within its design. However, there are some great features that will also be discussed. Let’s see what this multi-activity device / watch has to offer. Garmin Vivoactive Black Product Details Dimensions – 0.3″ x 1.6 ” x 10.1″ Display Size – 28.6 x 20.7 mm (W x H) Weight – 1.28 ounces (Shipping Weight 11.2 ounces) ASIN – B00RE1UL52 Model Number – 010-01297-00 Battery – 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included) Battery charge lasts through all your activities …


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Free Swimming Pools

Free Public Swimming Pools

Free public swimming pools are available in practically every area. On those particularly hot summer days, many cities have adopted a great philosophy dedicated to cooling its population down. Most are easy enough to find too. A quick internet search will assist in locating one nearby. These facilities are equipped with certified lifeguards, security, a cleaning crew, and even free parking in or around these locations. Let’s begin by looking at those in New York City, so we can all go SWIM! FREE SWIMMING POOLS IN NEW YORK CITY Abe Lincoln Outdoor Mini …

Are Swimmers Typically Dehydrated?

Is It Safe to Go Swimming with a Tampon?


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Freestyle stroke

Swimming Terms Dictionary

Swimmers have a language  all their own. It can be a bit confusing for those who are just starting out. Please find some of the terms, phrases, words used in the swimming world and their definitions. Examples are given to each with a Click Here link. Back Stroke is accomplished with the swimmer lying face up in the water. Swimmer does a Flutter Kick just below the surface of the water while alternating arms in a sweeping motion from swimmer’s hips then up and forward extending pass swimmer’s head.  Swimmer breathes naturally in …