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Powerbreather Snorkel Review – What’s so great about it?

Those who snorkel know the drill. Grab an eyes and nose mask, a breathing tube, fins and a life vest, clamp their teeth on the breathing apparatus and wrap their lips around mouth piece to create a tight seal. Then put on the mask to protect your eyes and prevent water from getting into the nostrils. Then jump in the water. While in the water, inhale and exhale via your mouth through the tube. SIMPLE! Along comes this new product, Powerbreather Snorkel, with a brand new way of doing what many of us …

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Swim Sweat Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits Review

Afraid to get in the water?  Think you’re going to ruin your swimsuit?  Fear not, chlorine resistant swimsuits are here!  Swim enthusiasts and water lovers, this is a two-part review; Swim and Sweat‘s sweat, chlorine resistant swimsuits and their cleansing product, Suit Saver. These products work in tandem to preserve the life of swimwear, a welcome idea for those who engage in activities in chlorinated water.  With this dual, one no longer needs to sit on the side lines in order to preserve their swimsuits! The Suit Science Swim and Sweat has taken …

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