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Powerbreather Snorkel Review – What’s so great about it?

Those who snorkel know the drill. Grab an eyes and nose mask, a breathing tube, fins and a life vest, clamp their teeth on the breathing apparatus and wrap their lips around mouth piece to create a tight seal. Then put on the mask to protect your eyes and prevent water from getting into the nostrils. Then jump in the water. While in the water, inhale and exhale via your mouth through the tube. SIMPLE! Along comes this new product, Powerbreather Snorkel, with a brand new way of doing what many of us …

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Swim Compression suits

Swim Compression Wear – Benefits Are Not Obvious

What is Swim Compression Wear? If you’ve never heard of it, Swim Compression Wear is an assortment of form-fitting articles of clothing that purport to enhance an athlete’s workout performance, including their warm-up and recovery time. Some specific attributes of wearing these garments include, but are not limited to, stabilizing joints, wicking sweat from the body (prevents chafing, rashes), relieving muscle and joint pain from stiffness and soreness, and preventing muscle strain by keeping them warm. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…Those are some very BIG claims! Especially because some of these garments are made of particular fiber …

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My Favorite Things – Underwater Gadgets!

“These are a few of my favorite things…” Oh, the joy of the holidays or any day for that matter. What’s great about the past year is how far we’ve come with gadgets that actually accommodate swimmers. Technology has come to swimming in a big way! Who knew that there was a way to help swimmers tell time underwater or record their laps underwater, or how about listening to their favorite tunes – underwater? It’s a brave new underwater world! Swimfolk love it!  Let’s take a dive, shall we? First off, when looking …

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Olympic Nation Swimming Goggles – Review

Product description Has panoramic lenses, for crystal clear viewing Seals are made of a soft silicone that is comfortable; a perfect double-seal design, for leak free swimming. Has Anti-Fog Coating that stops the lenses from becoming steamy while swimming. Made for all ages. The strap is easy to adjust between sizes and the quick release clasp on the back means you can fit them in seconds without getting them tangled in your hair. Handy plastic carry case. 12-month warranty a Shipping Weight: 5.3 ounces Pros One of the greatest quality of these goggles are how …

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Wet Dry Separated Swim Bag Review

Product description Material: Nylon, The wet compartment is made from translucent PVC material, which is using voltage technology, super waterproof performance. High quality nylon fabric and smooth zipper. Color: Blue Package Size: 42x21x3cm / 16.24×12.2×1.18 inches Shipping Weight: 410g/0.9lb Package Includes:  1 Gonex Swim Tote Bag Features: Two ways to carry: comes with an adjustable and detachable padded shoulder strap, comfortable to carry across body.  Webbing handles for easy carry to and from the pool or beach. Moist separated compartment is specially designed for storing wet clothes after exercise. We offer 2 Year Warranty. Any question, just feel free to contact …

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