Olympic Nation Swimming Goggles – Review

Product description

  • Has panoramic lenses, for crystal clear viewing
  • Seals are made of a soft silicone that is comfortable; a perfect double-seal design, for leak free swimming.
  • Has Anti-Fog Coating that stops the lenses from becoming steamy while swimming.
  • Made for all ages. The strap is easy to adjust between sizes and the quick release clasp on the back means you can fit them in seconds without getting them tangled in your hair.
  • Handy plastic carry case.
  • 12-month warranty a
  • Shipping Weight: 5.3 ounces


One of the greatest quality of these goggles are how clear they are and the wide range of vision. Swimmers want to see where they’re going and what’s around them. Clarity is a big plus. These goggles are coated with UV protection, which is a nice detail for your outdoor swim. I carry several types of goggles to accommodate me in various locations. This one pair can work as an all around. The single strap adjusts to fit young children as well as adults, plus it has a clasp in the back making them easy to put on and take off. This is a great feature because it won’t pull your hair when you’re removing your goggles. They have an advanced anti-fog coating. Lens get fogged by condensation (vapor changing to gas). There are quite a few products on the market that can be sprayed on goggles to give them this effect, so it’s a bonus to have it included. There is a sealing design with a comfortable suction feature so that there aren’t any leaks. The purpose of the goggles is to keep water out of our eyes, so supplying this with a comfy fit work.


One of the complaints, unfortunately, has to do with the anti-fogging not being as great as advertised with a few customers stating that they can’t even see their hands underwater. The good news is that the Company has excellent customer service and those issues were handled speedily with either refunds, or replacements. The mirrored version received comments of them having distortion in water. Lastly, the back clasp is problematic for installing other devices to the strap, i.e., an underwater camera, a GPS, or a lap counter, etc.

Olympic Nation Swimming Goggles Fitting Instructions (Olympic Nation has a video for customers):

  1. Open straps

    Back Clasp
  2. Press the goggles to your eyes to seal.
  3. Close quick release clasp
  4. Adjust the strap with the buttons on the clasp.
  5. Avoid touching the inside of the lenses; may damage the anti-fog coating.
  6. Rinse in fresh water after use, dry and store in case.

If price is important…

These goggles for $11.99 on Amazon.com, and currently $1.00 less for orders of $25 and over. This price is comparable with other goggles of a similar quality. Plus, there is a 30-day money back warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Would Swimfolk recommend these to a friend?

Yes, we would recommend these to a friend. I’ve worn several types of goggles including prescription brands and the only ones that matter are those we can see underwater through, plus keep the water out. These deliver on those two counts then some.

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2 Comments on “Olympic Nation Swimming Goggles – Review”

  1. The Olympic Nation Goggles my Daughter bought me last Christmas have been giving me problems fogging up and unable to see with them ! Can you please tell me what I can do with regard to a replacement under the 1 year Guarantee.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Frank. Unfortunately, your first recourse should be with the manufacturer. Please write to them and tell them your complaint. If they are honorable, they will at the very least replace your goggles. I do have some suggestions for them fogging up. Try spraying them with Windex and wiping with a paper towel. Also, never put your fingers on the lenses. Please note – all lenses can fog up. That’s a fact, some more than others. Give those suggestions a try and please let me know how it goes. Good luck and I’m happy that your daughter loves to swim!

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